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Because it takes a team of experts to provide optimal care.

Jacques Courseault, MD, CAQSM, FAAPMRPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation/Sports Medicine
Medical Director. EDS Society Peer Reviewer. Ultrasound specialist. Tulane Athletics/NOLA Gold Rugby Team Physician. Retired NFL Player and New Orleans Saints Consultant.
Kelli Morrell, ANPNurse Practitioner
Director of Clinical Medicine, Hypermobility and EDS Clinic
Brittany Estrade, RNDirector of Nursing
Lead nurse for The Fascia Institute and Hypermobility Clinic
Clintt MeyersDirector of Operations
The key player in keeping our clinic organized and efficient.
Andre Labbe, DPTDirector of Physical Therapy and Biomechanical Assessments
Lead Hypermobility PT.

Expert Healthcare

The Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome clinical staff have many years of experience (and some of it literally personal) with hypermobility spectrum disorders. Dr. Courseault is an expert in treating myofascial pain and injuries and appreciates the value of using ultrasound to view muscle, tendon, and ligament pain. He also can view joint subluxations in real-time, and use ultrasonography to guide precise injections. Andre Labbe has traveled the world to learn and teach the best techniques for determining the optimal way to stabilize hypermobile joints. The team is simply the best when it comes to organizing and delivering exceptional care.

  • Establish the diagnosis with a thorough history and physical exam

  • Develop a treatment plan based on expertise and evidence-based guidance

  • We coach and support our patients for life with maintenance checks

  • Work with the best group of doctors in the world

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Our Clinic Values

EDS is complex and body systems need to be balanced. We strive to help you receive the proper diagnosis so you can get the proper care and treatment plan.

Because of the many systemic symptoms associated with hypermobility and EDS disorders, we want to help you keep information from various specialists organized in on “home-base” clinic.

Our patient base and health care provider network is rapidly growing. We strive to meet demand with support. Your donation can assist us in keeping up with increasing need in the hypermobility and EDS community as this is not a “rare disorder” as once thought to be.

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We are grateful for the opportunity to receive knowledgeable treatment!! ♥️




I am ofically diagnosed with hEDS. Dr courseault is amazing. Can’t say enough good things about them.

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