We Hear You 

Hypermobility often affects more than the joints. Our clinic is here to help you navigate care so you can start living!

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Welcome to the Hypermobility Clinic at The Fascia Institute

New Orleans is home to world-class experts in Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes. Our clinic was developed in response to a lack of awareness and comprehensive care related to hypermobility and its systemic manifestations. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians and physical therapists will address musculoskeletal and systemic concerns, such as dysautonomia or GI problems.



Having a hypermobility spectrum disorder requires lifelong care and maintenance. We are here to help you address systemic challenges associated with hypermobility. We are teaming up with YOU to help you live a better life.


The key to feeling better is to take a holistic approach in getting you in sync. We help you get established with the proper physical therapy program, while adjusting medications, diet and lifestyle. We treat you from all angles with the help of other network professionals.

Comprehensive Care

Coordination of specialists is key to making improvements. We work with local physicians and those close to you to help keep you healthy.

Expert Diagnostics

We paint your picture with the clinical history, lab work, ultrasound and imaging to learn as much about you as we can.

Superb Rehabilitation

Our hypermobility expert therapists will develop your playbook as we work with you here, or communicate your plan to your home physical therapist.